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sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

The End of the World? (english version)

We all have heard that, according to predictions of the Mayan calendar, the world might end next December 21.

If this prediction actually occur ...  Well, one may ask:
If the world ends, what picture would you like to leave as a register of our days?

The 20 best photos will participate of an exhibition about the end of times at the MIS - Museum of Image and Sound in Campinas, Brazil!

Send a color photo or black / white digital. "Tif" or ". Jpg" with resolution between 100 and 400 dpi / ppi to e-mail:  until November 30th.

Don't forget to send a short explanation on why you have chosen such picture and also your full name and post address.

Good luck!

PS. Find the rules of the contest below:


Picture Contest of the Photography Center of Campinas (NUFCA):

"The End of clicks?"


ARTICLE 1: The Cultural Contest is open to any citizen of the world (Brazilian or foreign), with a minimum age of 16 years (in the case of children under 18 years it is necessary to include data of the responsible / legal guardian who will be responsible for the content of the photo submitted by the bidder).
Participation in this competition implies acceptance on the part of participants or guardians of all terms and conditions of this Regulation.


ARTICLE 2: The goal is to stimulate thinking about the end of the world, which according to information released by the media in general would occur on December 12 of 2012 - if taken into account predictions of the timing of the Mesoamerican peoples such as the Maya.

Thus, the photograph sent must be related to the following question:
If the world ends, what photo would you like to be a register of our days?

Twenty (20) photos that best express the theme of the competition according to the judges will be selected.

ARTICLE 3: The photograph sent must be related to the following question:
If the world ends, what photo would you like to be a register of our days?

ARTICLE 4: The 20 selected photos will be exhibited (along with photos of NUFCA on the same subject) at the Museum of Image and Sound in Campinas
Besides the exhibition at the MIS, photos of the winners will be displayed on the official pages of NUFCA on the internet with due credit.
It should be noted that the 20 authors of the selected photos will not receive any type of financial compensation or other prize beyond participation in the exhibition at the MIS.

Those selected will also receive a certificate of selection and participation.


ARTICLE 5: Each participant may submit only one photo that can be color or black / white - within the due time (at 23:59 -Brasilia time- of November 30).

ARTICLE 6: The photo must be sent in digital format ".Tif" or ".Jpg" in proportion to obtain a printed copy of 20 cm. X 30 cm. (Resolution between 100 and 400 dpi/ppi).

The use of image editing program via computer should occur only for basic parameter settings, such as color, contrast, sharpness and saturation.
No drastic changes will be allowed on the images (such as placing or removing elements) or use special effects. Photos with evidence of use of devices not specified in the Regulation will be deleted by the Jury.

Files should be sent to the e-mail:

ARTICLE 7: By submitting a photo, the participant must inform:
• Full name, ID, and postal address of the participant and, if under 18, full name, ID, address and email of the person responsible.
• Title of photography.
• A brief explanation of why the subject of the picture was selected and the date the photographic record was made - Failure to submit these data means the participant will be disqualified.

The participant must submit a picture up to Nonember 30, 2012 at the latest.

ARTICLE 8: The photograph must be authored by the participant.
By submitting a photo, the participant declares that does not infringe third party rights and incurs no plagiarism with total or partial reproduction, being responsible, in the civil and criminal rights by the breach of statutory duty.

NUFCA will not be responsible for any infringement occurred regarding participants and their photos and disclaims any penalty that may be imposed as a result.
Any questions will be clarified through e-mail by the contest organizers.

ARTICLE 9: Selected pictures will join the collection of MIS Campinas, Brazil.
By participating in the Contest, entrants who have their photos selected automatically authorize the exhibition of their work and their incorporation in the collection of the MIS and its eventual dissemination and reproduction in publications and other media to promote the museum, with the assurance of receiving the due credits, waiving any financial or other assistance.


ARTICLE 10: The Contest will follow the following schedule:
• November 1, 2012 - Beginning of the contest for receiving photos for the trial.

• November 30, 2012 - Deadline for submission of photos via email, along with the data entered.

• Second week of December 2012 - Announcement of the final result by the official blog of NUFCA -
Simultaneously, those selected will be notified by email.

• December 2012 / January 2013 - Exhibition at MIS Campinas - opening date to be confirmed.

Of the Jury

ARTICLE 11: The jury will be composed by active members of NUFCA and an external member chosen by the organizing committee for his/her merits and photographic knowledge.

ARTICLE 12: The decisions of the jury will not be susceptible to appeals or challenges at any stage of the competition and exhibition.

ARTICLE 13: It is forbidden to participate as competitors of the contest the jury members and NUFCA members and their relatives up to third degree.


ARTICLE 14: The resolution of the cases not covered by these Regulations is the responsibility of the President of the Photography Center of Campinas

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